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"The way they attract men at that age, it's like catnip."

- Michael Keppler, 'Sweet Jane', CSI: Season Seven

Michael Keppler
4 October
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Michael Keppler Watcher's Dossier
Name: Michael Keppler

Current Alias(es): Stuart Willows

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 180lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

DOB: October 4, 1967

Place of Birth: Trenton, NJ

Date of Death: February 8, 2007

Age at Death: 39

Place of Death: Las Vegas, NV

Current Residence: New York City, NY

Teacher(s): Titus Quintus Ferris

Student(s): None

Weapon(s): Firearms, Bastard Sword

Relationship(s): Is involved in a romantic relationship with his downstairs neighbor, Natalie Bruenner.

Mike Keppler was found as an orphan in Trenton, NJ, and raised by adoptive parents, Herb and Roberta Keppler. When he was still a teenager he met and fell in love with a girl called Amy McCarty - but, unfortunately, the relationship was to have tragic consequences. Amy was raped, and subsequently committed suicide. It was Mike who found her body and, under the guidance of her father Frank McCarty, tracked down the man he believed responsible for the rape and shot him dead. Mike's desire to prevent such an occurrence from happening again played a large part in his decision to work with the law.

After Amy's death, Mike was unable to shake off her ghost. Frank McCarty was a constant presence in his life, and his desire for a fresh start led him to accept a post in Las Vegas in an attempt to break away from his shady past. It was there that he met and began to fall for one of his colleagues, Catherine Willows; and it was also there that he discovered who had truly been responsible for raping Amy - Frank McCarty, Amy's own father.

In a showdown with Frank, Mike gave his own life to protect a young woman whom Frank was trying to kill. In Mike's mind, it was a way for him to atone for his inability to protect Amy in the past. Frank shot Mike through the chest, effectively killing him and bringing about his first death. Keppler awoke on a slab in the morgue, and he's been on a pretty steep learning curve ever since.

Mike now lives in New York - having moved back East following his supposed death - and works as a 'fixer', not always operating within the law. He is currently in a relationship with another Immortal, Natalie Bruenner.

((OOC: This is a CSI/Highlander crossover version of Mike Keppler, just because. I can't claim any connection with Liev Schreiber. My real-life LiveJournal is jackdante. Layout created by jurisimmortalis.))